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Search engine optimization is the process of creating a web site that is able to rank for search terms relevant to your business, then promoting that site effectively so that search engines choose to display your site at the top of the results page when customers are searching for relevant terms. We offer SEO to businesses throughout Devon and Cornwall, including Exeter, Torquay, Paignton and Truro.

Rank your website with great SEO in Plymouth, Devon, England UK.

Who Will You Be Working With?

Dr Brad, owner of, is based in Plymouth and is a knowledgeable authority in the digital marketing industry. He ranks websites for himself and also for businesses that want to get more customers from online search traffic.

He has been in the industry since 2009 and has spent tens of thousands of pounds on his own training and development in search engine optimisation and associated digital skills. He lives digital marketing day and night!

Dr Brad likes to offer a personalised service to his web marketing clients, really getting to know you and the ethos of your business so he can create a customised marketing campaign designed to simply get results… FAST!

Where Are Your Customers?

Savvy modern business owners know that their customers are searching for service providers online, in preference to using old fashioned methods like The Yellow Pages and the like. Customers often trust Google and the search engines to show them the best result or most reputable business when they search for a business or an answer to their problems. Businesses that appear at the top of the search results for these searches get more clicks than those businesses ranking lower down the page so those businesses make more money than those listed further down page 1 or (heaven forbid) on page 2 and beyond.

Can You Crack The Code?

Many people believe that the search engines have a near perfect algorithm to decide which business to display at the top of the search results. Business owners are often frustrated and perplexed as to why their competitors are mysteriously ranking at the top of the page for local search results and they despair as to how they could possibly get their business to appear at the top of the rankings. Everyday customers do not understand how Google, Yahoo and Bing analyse and assess different websites and choose which sites to rank first. Consumers simply see who ranks number one when they do a search, then click to view the website because they instantly perceive them to be the most reputable local business.

Beware Rip-Off Services In Plymouth!

Many online matrketing companies in Plymouth and the SW are simply deluded and incompetent when it comes to implementing SEO. They have "delusions of adequacy" when it comes to ranking a website. I have known digital marketing companies take substantial sums of money from local business owners in fees and when I have asked them about their ranking strategy they have looked at me with confusion and told me to their face that they haven't got a clue how to rank a website. I find this frankly shocking.

Here's The Solution

Don't feel helpless any longer because you now know that the algorithm can indeed be cracked and Dr Brad can work with you to push your site past your competitors and get you sitting proud at the top of the search results. When you're sitting pretty at number one, your competitors will be the ones looking at your site, throwing their hands in the air complaining about how you’ve taken their online customers and slashed their operating profits. We can determine how many people are searching for your services locally and we can funnel them to your website, leaving your competitors to fight over the scraps.

Go Straight To The Top!

We will push your site to the top of Google so that you simply dominate the results for a wide variety of local searches. We can even sculpt the results that show on page one so that each and every one of those results is a web page that is dedicated to singing the praises of your business and your business alone. Your competitors won’t even get a look in. Your customers won't even see your competitors on page one. All they will see is Your Business, Your Business, Your Business, so on and so forth.

Sound good to you?

Are you ready to expand your business?

Can you handle all these new customers?

Will you need to take on new staff?

These are all serious questions that you should ask yourself as you are considering tapping in to the ever-raging torrent of commercial "search engine traffic".

A Full Range Of Digital Marketing Services

Whether your business is in the Barbican, Mutley, Devonport or Brickfields we can help you to capture those online searches and boost your business with an endless supply of customers flocking to your website to buy your products or services.

We can also advise on other areas of your digital marketing strategy and can run pay per click and social media campaigns for you too.

Don't like what shows up on page one when people type your business or name in to Google? No problem. We can push bad reviews to page 10 and beyond where they'll never be found, leaving you with a clean online reputation on page one.

Are you advertising on Facebook? Let us help you?

Do you have a retargeting campaign? Let us be your guide.

Do you have a YouTube channel. Do you have YouTube videos promoting your business showing up on page one? We can make it happen!

Are you building your email list of prospects and existing customers, maximising the lifetime value of your customer with repeat sales and upsells? Let us set it all up for you!

Are you offering coupons to your customers? Are you exciting them with your time limited promotions on Facebook?

Are your Google, Yahoo and Bing local business listings set up correctly?

Is your website mobile ready? Is your website fit for the 21st century and converting visitors to customers? Let us wow you with our mobile-optimised web design services.

We can do the job for you!

Your Next Steps…

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