Advanced SEO Services

This range of SEO services will enable you to rank on page one of the search engines for the most competitive keywords and phrases using only white-hat techniques that are entirely search engine friendly. Our techniques and strategies are strictly in line with the latest industry standards for best practice so you can be assured of safe, real, legitimate and long lasting ranking improvements, not some "here today, penalised tomorrow" kind of ranking gains. If you don't know what SEO is or how it can benefit your business then click to read about The Importance of SEO and discover the power of search engine marketing

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What Is Included In Our Advanced SEO Services?

Our "advanced SEO services" pacakages contain everything that you get in the "Basic SEO Services" packages plus a range of more powerful techniques that are required to outrank the big hitters of search engine marketing for your tough keywords. If you haven't already, you can read about what you get in Basic SEO Services then read on below to see what extra work we have to put in to boost your website to the top of the search listings for competitive keywords that are important for your business.

  • Additional On Site Analysis.

We use a suite of dedicated software to do an even more in depth analysis of your website's structure and underlying html code to identify any malicious code or hidden links that may have been embedded in your site by malware, incompetence or malicious intent. This ensures that your site is entirely free of any bugs and is fully indexable and rankable by search engines.

  • Advanced Off-Site Blog Network Set-Up

We will fully customise each of the off-site blogs that we create in your new blog network, with advanced design, your chosen company branding and integration with Google Plus so that authorship is attributed solely to you, reducing the risk of plagiarism. We will also produce more articles containg unique and relevant material to further enhance the power of these blogs.

  • On Site Optimisation.

We identify any very similar pages, which may be seen as duplicate content (frowned upon by search engines) and create what are called canonical urls to fix this. We also improve your page load time using a process called caching, which can help to improve your ranking. We also optimise the images on your site for display on a range of popular mobile devices i.e. tablets and phones.

  • Website security.

We regularly store a copy of your website and set it up in such a way that if your own host's servers go offline for a while, our servers will temporarily take over and continue to display the most recent content from your website, so preserving you business reputation and minimising disruption to customers. We also install SSL encryption technology on your site, and display an official SSL certificate for the added peace of mind of your customers. This makes it harder for criminals to intercept data that is sent to and from your site. We also make a determined effort to block spammers from spamming your site with automated comments and then install software to prevent automated theft of your website content from "scraper software". This security package is reviewed and maintained monthly.

  • Advanced Off-Site Search Engine Optimisation.

We create FOUR times more social signals than in the basic package.

We write, upload and optimise ADDITIONAL CONTENT for your off-site blog network to enhance their authority and the power of their backlinks to your target website.

Advance SEO Service PLUS

For customers with a decent monthly marketing budget who are truly ready to really get results in even the most competitive markets FAST, our "Advance SEO Service PLUS" is our Flagship package that enables you to dominate the search results and CRUSH your competitors. We will create a custom SEO package full of PURE RANKING POWER that will make your website irresistible to the search engines so that you get floods of traffic to your website and your profits go through the roof! The return on investment will be INSANE! Let's be honest, this is not for people with a small marketing budget or for those people who are not confident in investing in their online business. In competitive markets, you NEED this service if you want to outrank your competitors. In highly competitive markets, the reality is that SEO is simply a matter of "who spends the most, wins"! Not everyone is willing to hear and accept this but the more you spend, the more your rank!

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