Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services aren't always easy to find. "The Best SEO" is proud to be able to bring you a cheap SEO service whilst maintaining the high standards of quality work with tangible results. Our low cost SEO services will help you to see real results in a short timeframe so that you increase your organic search traffic and make more money online. affordable seo services

Affordable SEO services are now within reach of the ordinary businessman and are no longer the exclusive territory of big corporations. Ranking high in organic (or natural) search listings brings a consistent stream of potential new customers to your website for free which results in higher sales and profits for you!

What Will This Affordable SEO Services Company Do?

Search engine optimisation is all about ranking a particular web page higher in the search engine results when a particular word or phrase is typed in to a search engine like Google. The holy grail of SEO is to get your web page to appear at position number one on page one of the search results for your chosen word or phrase (also known as "keywords" or "keyphrases"). This is because the site ranked at number one gets far more clicks compared to the lower ranked search engine results. You must design your site correctly around SEO principles and make each page on your site fully optimised for your chosen keyword/s (that is called "on-site SEO"). You then start a marketing campaign (also known as a backlinking campaign) to show the search engines that your page is highly relevant for that keyword and should be ranked highly when people are searching for it (that part is called "off-page SEO"). Once you are ranking highly for your targeted keywords, new and highly relevant, potential customers will start to visit your website and many of those will become paying clients who increase your profits.

Good SEO = Higher Profits…FACT! 

That is a simple and concise overview of what SEO is all about. Of course, the specifics and details of each aspect of SEO are more complex. An affordable SEO service company will be able to take care of your SEO needs for a low price and that is exactly what we do.

Who Should Use Our Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Service?

We recommend this low cost SEO service to anyone who has a keyword optimised web page or post that they want to rank higher for that keyword or keyphrase. We will design and implement a continuous and ongoing, off page SEO marketing campaign to build the quantity, diversity and quality of your backlink profile in such a way that the search engines will be almost forced to start ranking you higher in their search results. Almost anyone can start an off page SEO campaign to build backlinks with basic knowledge but it is much harder to design and implement a professional off page SEO strategy that will bring positive results rather than a deletion from a search engine index (which would be a disaster for your business website)! You see, in an ideal world the search engines would prefer that no-one did SEO or built backlinks to their websites. Search engines are clever and have algorithms that can tell if someone is spamming the internet in an effort to increase their rankings. An amateur SEO engaged in clumsy backlinking is easily identified by the recent Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates which often results in the sites that they are promoting getting de-indexed from the search results (somtimes permanently).  You can rest assured that we have extensive SEO experience in optimising websites and ranking them safely and effectively using a powerful arsenal of specialist SEO techniques that don't risk any penalties in the search engines!

  • If you have never optimised a web page or post then I recommend installing this excellent plugin on your WordPress website which will guide you through the on-page optimisation of your website. It's like having your own SEO expert looking over your shoulder showing you what to do in real time and is well worth the small up-front investment.

If you have not optimised a web page or post for a keyword then we will still be able to start a powerful, keyword optimised, off-page seo backlinking campaign for you but you may not get results as quickly or easily as if you had done your on page optimisation properly in the first place. This affordable package would still be a good option for you if you want to try us out and see some results without risking a lot of money or if you can't afford our higher level SEO packages.

What Does The Affordable SEO Service Package Include?

  • Hands-off design and implementation of an ongoing, search engine friendly, Off-Page SEO backlinking marketing campaign.
  • Measurable increase in the quantity, quality and diversity of your web site's backlink profile.
  • Measurable increase in your webpage's search engine rankings for your specified keywords or phrases.
  • Monthly payment option with no tie-in, so you can discontinue our service at any time with no questions asked (though I can't imagine why you would).
  • Option to add new web pages/posts to your campaign at any time.
  • Option to cancel/swap your current campaign to a new page/post or set of keywords on a monthly basis.

What is not included?

  • Full website SEO audit (included in Basic, Advanced and our other SEO packages).
  • On Page Optimisation (either use our recommended plugin and try to do this yourself or select one of our other SEO packages).
  • Monthly reports (Detailed monthly work reports are included in the Basic and Advanced SEO service packages).

What Is Our Affordable SEO Strategy?

As we are sure that you will appreciate, SEO is a competitive service industry and as such we are unable to reveal our methods. However, if your site has never received any professional SEO marketing services before, we can say that we increase the rate of our link building slowly so that you will see more links being built over time. This is crucial in order to appear natural and avoid search engine ranking penalties. SEO on a website may be likened to going to the gymnasium for a workout. For example, you won't see the best results if you only go for one month. Instead, you need to understand that committing to a sustained campaign of fitness (or marketing) is the best way to achieve the very best results. Indeed, you should be making more money when your SEO campaign puts your website on page one so the SEO will pay for itself.

How Do I Order The Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Service?

We offer our customers the convenience and security of payment by PayPal for your confidence and peace of mind.

Once payment has been received, you will be prompted to submit your webpage and any number of keywords that you would like us to use in our off-page, backlinking, marketing campaign.

Your affordable SEO services will automatically re-bill on a monthly basis and we will continue to professionally and diligently promote your chosen url for as long as you choose.



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