Basic SEO Services

This set of SEO services uses only white hat SEO techniques and is totally Google-friendly.

When you make a free enquiry about our basic SEO services package, you will receive free keyword analysis, along with and a basic website SEO audit report. 

Every client who decides at that stage to go ahead and order a Basic SEO Service package will be advised to get an In Depth Website SEO Audit Report. This enables our team to manually review the structure and design of your site from an SEO perspective, making changes to increase your visibility and rankings in the search engines so that you can get the best results from your new SEO campaign. Deciding not to have an "In Depth Website SEO Audit Report" would be like a racing car driver entering a Grand Prix without having his car tuned up first!

Click Basic SEO Services Overview for a detailed breakdown of our Basic SEO Services packages or continue to read below to discover exactly how our SEO process works. You can't fail to be impressed!

basic seo services

Basic SEO Services Overview

Our Basic SEO Services package has similarities to the Advanced SEO package and is extremely effective in it's own right but omits some of the more intensive link building campaign work required to rank tougher keywords. Our SEO process is designed to be as search engine friendly as possible. We do not spam the internet to get low quality links. We follow best SEO industry practice, as recommended by important search giants such as Google, so as to achieve rock solid long term rankings rather than a short term success followed by de-indexing tomorrow as the search engines would figure out that you have been spamming and building un-natural backlinks.
The first month of our service is different to the ongoing service in month 2 and subsequent months because it involves a number of "one-off", stand alone, campaign "set-up" tasks.

SEO Month One.

  • Keyword Research, On-Page SEO Analysis and Package Selection.

To start, you have to decide how many keywords you are planning to target in your campaign. The available options are packages of 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 keywords. Far higher numbers of keywords are available for your SEO campaign if you are a larger company and we will offer custom pricing for larger orders. When you select keywords, we will recommend that each trio of keywords be related to each other in order to maximise your chances of success. So you might select three keywords like, for example, "Dentist in Birmingham", "Top Dentist in Birmingham", "Best Dentist in Birmingham". The first word would be your "primary keyword" which more people will probably be searching for and the other two are your "secondary keywords. Those two may have lower search traffic but make your website more relevant for the primary keyword in the eyes of the search engines. They help our SEO effort by drawing their own share of search engine traffic and by optimising our internal site linking structure. If you do not know how to do "keyword research", don't panic. We offer a full keyword research consultancy as part of your package. You always have the final decision when it comes to your keyword selection but we will advise you as required. The more keywords that you choose to target in your SEO campaign, the higher the price tag because of the proportional increase in actual man hours that we have to put in to your campaign.

Our keyword research utilises our own in-house software for collating and then scrutinising the many thousands of potential keywords available to you. This is followed by manual review of the software results, tinkering and tweaking, to extract the best keywords like nuggets of gold for you to use in your campaign. We evaluate our keywords based on the number of people searching for that keyword every month, the strength of competition for a page one ranking, commerciality (are the people typingin that keyword likely to want to buy your service) and relevance to your business.

We identify whether any of your current webpages are suitably optimised for the chosen keywords and if not, we recommend creating new web pages that are perfectly optimised. You can either write the new content yourself or we will do so for a small additional fee.

We will then do a further check on your website to look for "crawl errors" which might prevent search engines from effectively indexing and ranking your site. We will fix those things, if required.

  • Social Media And Blog Network Set-up

If you do not have a "Google Plus" account, we will create one that is optimised for your particular business. We will go on to link your Google Plus account with your website so that Google can start to attribute authorship of your new website content to you. This will put a thumbnail size picture next to your website's listing in the search results (to increase your likelihood of getting clicked) and help to increase you author reputation in the eyes of Google. In this way, when you write future articles, they will be more likely to get indexed and ranked highly by Google as they start to consider you an authority in your niche and market. We will also create and optimise a unique "business page" within the Google Plus account to further increase your credibility and allow your customers to "check in" (using the Google Latitude app) with your business online. Your business page in Google Plus is like a miniature version of your main business website and has an important role to play in strengthening your social media and online presence.

We next create a range of social media accounts with the top 10 global social media sites, which might include sites like AOL, Bebo, Facebook, Hi5,, Linkedin, Netlog, Newsvine, Pheed, Plurk, Scoop, Tagged, Zing. These will be used later in our campaign and are important for building credibility and brand awareness, as well as valuable backlinks to your website.
We then set up dedicated accounts on the top 10 social sharing sites. This helps us to publicise your website and any new content, in addition to generating even more juicy backlinks to your site. Sites may include Delicious, Diigo, Folkd, Google Bookmarks, Instraper, Kippt, Slashdot, Stumbleupon, Webshare and Reddit.

Next comes the set-up of your own private blog network. Creating and maintaining your own blogs on respected blogging platforms helps you to generate high quality and relevant backlinks to your main site at will. We build you 5 blogs on authority sites like WordPress, Blogger, Skyrock, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Typepad and Blogspot.

When we build backlinks to your site, we pay a fee (included in your package price) to use a range of dedicated remote IP (internet provider) addresses which increases our success rate for creating accounts on other sites and placing backlinks. You see, if we were to use the same IP for all of our clients, the sites would automatically recognise that we were building multiple un-related backlinks and block us from using their sites.

  • Business Directory Submission.

The Yellow Pages isn't the only business directory these days. In fact, if your business doesn't have a presence in the top 10 online business directories you are making it more difficult for potential customers to find you. We create, complete and optimise your new business accounts in the top 10 business directories that are most relevant to your industry and geographical location. These may include sites such as, but not limited to Bing Local, MapQuest local, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, SuperPages, Patch, BBB Online, Best Of The Web, Hotfrog, Local, Manta, Mojo Pages, Insider Pages, Yelp, Metrobot and Kudzu.

  • Press Release Account Creation.

An important part of our SEO campaign involves submitting press releases, which will be responsible for generating significant publicity and buzz for your business and website. We will be sharing these through the social accounts and blogs created earlier but we will also be submitting them to dedicated press release publishing websites. We will create accounts on 5 of the best free press release sites to generate a valuable backlink and enable us to submit your press releases every month for greater exposure. Press release sites may include PR Web, All Voices, Pro Skore, Press Network and News Releaser.

  • Website Blog Optimisation and Google+ Authorship.

We will integrate the necessary html code in to your blog to enable Google to recognise you as the author of the content on your site and link it with your Google+ account profile. We also associate your Google+ business page with your main site so that Google can see that you were the original author of your unique content and so prevent others from plagiarising your content on their own sites. Google sees everything!
We will review your original blog to see if your "blog categories" are structured in the most efficient way for the best SEO results. If your categories are largely irrelevant for the purposes of ranking your target keywords we will offer to re-categorise and archive your old blog posts so that we have the best chance of ranking our new content for the target keywords without confusing the search engines with irrelevant categories. Also, if you have old off-line content that your company has published that you think might have some value in an archive on your website we will upload this on your blog in order to create more unique pages and help to gain relevance and authority for your site. We will even optimise the meta tags for these new archive pages to help them be more indexable and rankable in the search engines. 

  • On Page SEO Work.

Most people do not realise it but their websites may have a few different urls for their main home page. They may also have more than one url for their actual domain i.e. a www. version and a non-www. version. The search engines may even view these as duplicate content on your site, which they frown on heavily, and consequently drag down your site's rankings. We can analyse your site for these common errors and correect them using a technique called redirection.

We look at your site's main banner image or logo and ensure that the code in the image is readable to search engines and is optimised for your keywords to improve you rankings. We can optionally do this for other images on the many pages and posts already on your website for an additional fee.

The next technical task is to analyse your site's robots.txt file. This gives instruction to the search engines about how to analyse and index your website. If there are flaws in the set-up of this robots.txt file you may find that search engines can't crawl your site or rank you in their results.

The meta data on your pages and posts needs to be properly optimised for your target keywords. This includes the "title tag" (which appears at the top of your browser) and the "meta description" (which shows under your website listing in the search results to tempt the viewer to click your result rather than the next one).

The content of your target web pages is analysed from an SEO perspective to ensure that it meets standard SEO industry criteria to achieve higher rankings on your keyword. If there are flaws, we will explain how to rectify them or we can do this for you at additional cost. We also examine your current use of "Header Tags" and make recommendations on how to use them on each page to help search engines further understand what your page is all about i.e. your target keywords. We will offer to optimise your page for your target keywords but can not re-write it or check grammar or spelling without an additional fee.
Each month, we will have the opportunity to list a new promotional offer on your website. We will create and upload an attractive image that is visible on every page of your site and invites the reader to click on it to view your latest promotion. This is a great technique for attracting new customers who may need additional persuasion to make their first purchase with you.

If you do not already have an "XML site map" on your site we will create and upload one to your site. This technical file, similar in some ways to the robots.txt file, assists the search engines to crawl and index the content of your site more effectively. We then submit the newly optimised XML site map to both Google and Bing to assist in the indexation of your site in their search results.

Our team then goes on to create a Google Analytics and Webmaster tools account and install the necessary html code on your site so that you can track the performance of your website across a wide range of metrics including, visitor numbers, most important search terms, number of backlinks etc. We will also set your geographical location in the Google Webmaster Tools account to help you rank for local search terms and attract local customers.

We run your site through a suite of software to check for any malicious "malware" that could be damaging your site's chances of ranking and remove any that we find. Both before and after our optimisation and account setup process is complete, we will back-up your website. This means that we will save and store a copy of your website on our server so that it can be restored to a healthy state if it becomes corrupted with a virus or such, at some unfortunate point in the future, so you can be confident that you will never be at risk of losing your website.

  • Monthly SEO Reports.

You will receive a full and detailed Work Report on a monthly basis to coincide with the billing period. This explains exactly what we have been doing to develop your website and get it to rank higher for your keywords during that month. The monthly report is made available to view or download from your private client dashboard. It will also detail your keyword rankings during the past month. This is in addition to your keyword ranking analysis which is also available in your client dashboard and is updated daily to show where your site ranks for it's keywords. Please remember that search engine rankings are rarely static, so there may be some fluctuation in the daily position of your site. It is the overall trend and average position that we are interested in.

SEO Month 2 and subsequent months.

This section explains what we do do increase your search engine rank position in month 2 and all subsequent months of our SEO campaign.

  • Onsite SEO Review

Each month, we will audit your meta tags on your target pages  to ensure that they have not been corrupted and are still optimised for your campaign. We will also run  an error check and report on your site using Google Webmaster tools to ensure that your site is continuing to function perfectly and has not been corrupted.

  • Unique content creation

We produce a number of pieces of unique written blog post content for you every month on topics of your choice that fit in to the categories of either "press release", "company updates", "special promotions", "industry news" or other. You have full control of which of those styles of content we produce and also the subject matter. This can all be easily scheduled, detailed and communicated to us by yourself within your private client dashboard at any time. If you want to run a special promotion, we will create unique and visually attractive electronic coupons with real bar codes that can help to run your promotion more effectively. If you don't want to have this much involvement in the monthly content creation process we will select a category and topic at random for you. We will optimise the new content for your target keywords and upload the new posts to your blog, taking care of all on-page SEO as we do so in order to help our main target pages to rank higer. Of course, the new blog posts may well start to rank in their own right, which will bring even more visitors to your site.

  • Press Release Distribution

If you elect to have a press release created instead of a blog post, we will submit it to multiple press release distribution sites that have truly global reach, including backlinks to the target pages on your website to help boost rankings.

  • Social Backlinking

We build backlinks to your new content by manually posting contextual and relevant backlinks on your "social media" sites, and your "social sharing" sites. These can create natural buzz and excitement about your new content which may attract new visitors eager to read it. They also serve to increase the number, diversity and quality of backlinks to your website, which is good for your rankings.

  • Off-site Blog Network Development

We manually update your 5 off-site blogs with new and unique content every month, which links back to your main site's new blog content. This regular posting further increases the authority of your off-site blogs and the number of backlinks to your main website. As the "authority" of your blog network increases, so the power of their backlinks will increase too. The concept of "authority" refers to how much respect the search engines pay to a website. For example, they will give a place a lot of importance on backlinks to your website from an established "authority site" such as but not so much to a brand new site or blog. It will take time to develop the authority of your own blog network but it will be powerful once it is established. Be patient.

  • Backlink Analysis and Reporting

Every month, we will use software to report on the number of backlinks pointing to your site and individual target pages. In addition to the ranking report, this helps to show how effective our SEO campaign has been in the past month. You see, more backlinks = higher rankings in the search engine results.

  • Dedicated Proxies

Of course, every month we pay to use our own dedicated rotating IP addresses (also known as proxies) to increase the effectiveness of our link building campaign to ensure maximum acceptance of our links on the different websites.

  • Monthly Reporting

You will get a full monthly "work report" to detail exactly what we have been doing, with a summary of your backlink profile and ranking gains.

For an even more detailed overview of our workflow for Basic SEO Services and our different packages please click Basic SEO Services Overview.

  • Free SEO Consulting

If you need assistance in deciding what package you should order, please contact us for free consulting.

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