Local SEO

Our Local SEO packages are a powerful and cost-effective way for local businesses, big and small, anywhere in the world, to optimise their websites for targeted, local industry keywords that their customers are actually typing in to the search engines every day. If you take advantage of our local seo service you will increase the number of local customers visiting your website to consider purchasing your products or services.

We WILL put your business at the top of the all important Google Maps results (AKA "The 7 Pack") for important local searches, to increase clicks to your website from potential new customers!

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Local SEO Services Overview

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Here is what our local SEO company does to take your business to the top of the local search engine listings for your keywords or phrases.

Month One Services

Month one services involve a lot of time-intensive, one-time tasks, which is reflected in the higher price of month one services. You will start by completing a confidential business analysis form to help us understand your business and your customers. This helps us during our research and in making recommendations to you. Your business is unique and that is exactly how we like to treat you.

  • Researching Local Places

We analyse Google Places to ensure that you do not already have duplicate business listings that could harm your rankings and help you to take care of any such problems. We then claim your local business listing in the important local business search engine "FourSquare". We analyse Facebook Places listings for your business to see where they have "checked in" and if there are duplicate listings we will combine them to help prepare you to communicate with your customers effectively on Facebook. Bing is anothre major search engine that we have to check for duplicate business listings within their Bing Business portal.

We look at how strongly your competitors are optimised for local searches in your chosen business category and we deliver a report on how you are ranking for your chosen search terms in the top 3 search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!).

We check to see whether or not your business is listed in important local business directories (these are like the modern Yellow Pages of the internet) and whether or not the contact information is the same across the different listings. We can help you to correct any discrepancies.

We will do an in depth analysis of how well optimised your current Google Places listing is compared to those of your top 5 competitors so we can decide how to improve the content of your listing to outrank them.

We then analyse your actual business website and deliver another full SEO report to identify any improvement that could be made to increase your chances of ranking highly in local search results.

If required, we will create a new and appropriate email address to use during the registration of your new online listings and will share the password with you. We will also help you to upload your logo to the internet for our use in creating new business listings, as required.

  • Google Account Set-ups

If you do not already have one, we will claim and optimise a new Google Places, Google Plus and Google Business Page account for you. If you already have these, we will help to optimise them further. Google Places enables your business to appear on their local map results (on mobile devices and desktops computers) and rank for local search terms. Google Plus is essentially your online business identity, which is closely tied in with your Google Business Page which is a sort of mini-version of your main website and helps Google return relevant search results about your business. We add relevant images and logos to help your branding and profile completion.

  • Bing Business Portal

We will create, optimise and set-up your Bing Business Portal account with relevant content to help you dominate Bing local search results.

  • Facebook Places Page Creation (Intermediate package and above)

We will set-up a new Facebook business page with all of your important details to help Facebook users to connect with your business.

  • Foursquare Account Creation (Advanced package and above)

It is important to be listed in this important online directory and we will optimise your account then link it to your most important social media profiles.

  • Speciality Business Directory Listings

We will also conduct research to identify other important online directories that may be dedicated to your geographical locality or niche, and list your business in the most important of those. (Minimum number of 10 listings, increasing with level of package purchased).

  • Mobile Website Creation (Turbo package and above).

We will build a basic Microsoft mobile website with all of your essential business information and your top ten products or services with prices. This website comes with it's own QR code which your customers can scan using their smart phone to quickly access your online content. This also helps to build authority with the search engines.

  • Image Sourcing and Provision (Intermediate package and above)

We will legitimately source and provide a number (dependent on package) of top quality images relevant for your business that we will use in your different accounts and business listings to build authority, rankings and brand presence. Basic package customers will provide their own images.

  • Image Optimisation

We will edit those images to incorporate your branding/logo, optimise them to load quickly, tag them with your business location and make them link back to your main website. They will then be uploaded to the top four business directories to build more backlinks and increase brand presence.

  • Product Reviews and Promotions

We will spy on your top competitors (number of competitors analysed will depend on the package selected) to discover where they are promoting their products and services online and where they are having the most success so that we might copy them. We will also create positive reviews (number dependent on package) for your business and automatically publish them to a wide range of business review sites. Intermediate package customers and above will have access to our copywriting service to help you advertise you latest promotions. Depending on your selected package, we may also create electronic coupons for these promotions, distribute them to your top 4 business accounts and include QR scanning technology.

  • Reporting

As always, you will receive a monthly report on our work and your keyword rankings so you can see what has been achieved in that time.

Month Two And Ongoing Monthly Services

  • Researching Business Directories And Citation Building

On a monthly basis, we will use software to determine the business directories that your top competitors are listed in and compare their listings to your own, to get ideas for important directories we can list you in. Using this information, we will create a number (package dependent) of the most powerful business directory listings for you each month to help you outrank your local competitors. Advanced package clients and above will recieve recommendations on the top paid directories that they should additionally place a listing in for maximum search engine marketing impact.

  • Review Analysis and Promotion Management

As mentioned earlier, we will analyse where your top competitors are promoting their products and services and getting positive reviews (number dependent on package). We also write a number of positive reviews for syndication across the web (number dependent on package) to help your online image and rankings. Intermediate clients and above will have access to the monthly "special promotion campaign management" service described earlier.

  • Publishing Your Testimonials/Reviews

We will publish any number of reviews that your customers have personally given to you, on a prominent review website to develop your brand, reputation and rankings.

  • Mobile Marketing, Check-Ins, Promotions and Viral Buzz!

We will publish details of your latest promotions (discounts or additional service offers) to your Google Places account to alert mobile-savvy customers who "check-in" using their mobile device about your latest local offers. We also publish these promotions to your Google Plus Business page and the other most important business directory accounts to start to create a viral buzz around your hot offers. Additionally, intermediate package clients get to do a similar thing using Facebook Places and Turbo level clients or above get to do this on Foursquare too! A range of different "special promotions" can be run on Bing and are available to varying degrees in the different packages.

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